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By:Chantel Coles
Published on 2005-10-01 by Publishamerica Incorporated

Valentina is a story about an eleven-year-old girl with a passionate dream to own her own horse. Lisas interest in horses grows once the local stable she frequently visits is bought by two Spanish families. She becomes very friendly with them and helps out when she can. One day Lisa and her father go to a market and come across a very poor mare. She becomes very distressed, as the mare is in a terrible state. With not too much persuasion Lisas father buys the horse. After realizing that they cant just take the horse home because they dont have the facilities or the knowledge, they get advice from the stables, where they came to an agreement about the mare. Lisa works very hard both at school and with her new horse, and she secretly prepares the mare for a surprise!

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